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About Us

Freddy Sanchez

Chef Owner

Freddy Sanchez is a renowned chef who is living the epitome of the American Dream. A native of a small farm village in Mexico called Guerrero, Sanchez came to Chicago at the age of 16. He always was natural in the kitchen and had a love for food, so he attended Chicago’s Washburne Culinary School. Upon graduation, Sanchez worked at many Chicago-area restaurants including Ed Debevic’s and Shaw’s Crab House. He also was a chef at Scoozi and Food Life before becoming the Corporate Chef for the Adobo Grill. In 2009, Sanchez became the Executive Chef of The Happ Inn located in Northfield, IL. While there, he conceptualized a taqueria — something he had always envisioned opening. For five years, he ran and grew the busy, successful Taco Nano. He had the privilege of working by Susan Munic’s side as she managed the restaurant. When Munic got diagnosed with cancer and eventually stopped working, Sanchez became more focused on his life-long aspiration: to be the sole owner of his own restaurant. After more than 30 years in the United States, this talented chef has finally made his dream come true as he and his wife are the proud owners of Taco Vida.

Susan Munic

Owner and Head of Catering

Susan Munic began working in the restaurant industry in her late teens. After about a decade in the restaurant business, she stopped working to stay at home and raise her two daughters. In 2009, she got back into the industry and began working at The Happ Inn, where she met Freddy Sanchez. The two had an instant connection and have remained by each other’s sides ever since they met. When Sanchez wanted to open Taco Nano, he thought Munic would be perfect to run the front of the house. The two worked together for five years until Munic’s battle with Multiple Myeloma (a chronic form of cancer) led to her not working there any longer. Now that Munic is feeling strong, her passion for opening Taco Vida with her husband is insurmountable. Additionally, Munic and Sanchez have already vowed to give back: They name the Leukemia Research Foundation as their designated charity and hope that the future success of Taco Vida enables them to offer great support to this important, meaningful foundation.